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Fedwell Farm Rescue
Fedwell Farm Rescue Inc, a 501(c)3 non profit organization, specializes in the rescue, adoption and rehabilitation of the Herding Dogs, with the occasional hound included. Fedwell Farm Rescue has moved to South East Arizona. Formerly we were located in North Scottsdale (Rio Verde), we are keeping our North Scottsdale address for mailing purposes only. Fedwell Farm Rescue, has been saving dogs since 2004 and has adopted out over 1800 dogs over the years. Our dogs come from shelters throughout Arizona, most from the euthanasia lists of county shelters. Typically, a county employee calls and asks for help with one of our breeds. If we have space, we send transport immediately and bring the dog to safety. We have picked up dogs in Nogales, Douglas, Wilcox, the Navajo Reservation, Yuma, Page, Kingman and Winslow for example. Once the dogs arrive, we treat any physical or psychological issues, spay/neuter and do whatever is necessary to prepare the dog for his or her forever home. Fedwell Farm does not "kennel" dogs and and they learn to socialize. Our dogs are ready for their forever home when they leave our care. We believe in a low stress environment and a low key adoption. Our motto is a happy adopter means a happy dog. We do everything in our power to help even after the the adoption. Every Fedwell Farm Dog will always be a Fedwell Farm Dog and we will work with the adopter to remedy any issue. If things don’t work out, we ALWAYS take our dogs back.

About Us

Fedwell Farm is a no-kill rescue!!!